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What Are Characteristics of Storage Tank?

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The steel sealed container used for storing liquid or gas is a steel storage tank. The steel storage tank project is an indispensable and important infrastructure for the petroleum, chemical industry, grain and oil, food, fire protection, transportation, metallurgy, national defense and other industries. The storage tank industry plays an irreplaceable important role in the development of the national economy, so more and more enterprises will choose it.


Classification of storage tanks

Due to the different storage media, the form of the storage tank is also diverse.


1. Classification by location: aboveground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, semi-underground storage tanks, offshore storage tanks, subsea storage tanks, etc.


2. Classification by oil: crude oil storage tank, fuel oil storage tank, lubricating oil tank, edible oil tank, fire fighting water tank, etc.


3. Classification by use: production of fuel tanks, storage tanks, etc.


4. Classification by form: It can be divided into vertical storage tank, horizontal storage tank, etc.

spool filter plate 

Structure of storage tank

The most widely used and most mature production and installation technology in China are vault storage tanks, floating roof storage tanks and horizontal storage tanks. And Manhole Covers are welded on tanks and vessels for the purpose of man or man's handle to clean the inside of tank. Widely used in the sanitary applications such as wine, beverages, dairy and food processing. Round manways are simply designed to be an access port for pressurized brewing systems.


Vaulted storage tank

Storage tank refers to a steel container with a spherical crown and a cylindrical shape. Vault storage tanks are simple to manufacture and inexpensive to manufacture, so they are most widely used in many industries at home and abroad.


Floating roof storage tank

The floating roof storage tank is composed of a floating roof floating on the surface of the medium and a vertical cylindrical tank wall. The floating roof rises and falls with the increase or decrease of the medium storage in the tank. There is an annular sealing device between the outer edge of the floating roof and the tank wall. The medium in the tank is always directly covered by the inner floating roof to reduce the volatilization of the medium.


Horizontal storage tank

The volume of horizontal storage tanks is generally less than 100m³, which is usually used in production links or gas stations. The horizontal welds of horizontal storage tanks are lap joints, and the longitudinal welds are butt joints. The circle plates are arranged alternately and the diameter of the end cap is the same. The end cover of the horizontal storage tank is divided into flat end cover and dish-shaped end cover. The horizontal storage tank with flat end cover can withstand 40kPa internal pressure, and the horizontal storage tank with dish-shaped end cover can withstand 0.2Mpa internal pressure. The underground horizontal storage tank must be provided with reinforcement ring, and the reinforcement should be made of angle steel.


Storage tank is a storage container that transports media over long distances. With the use of storage tanks, it greatly facilitates the enterprises operation and people's lives.

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