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Sanitary Carbonation Stone Sparge Stone for Filter Brewing Industry

Carbonation Stones are a brite beer fermentation tank accessory and designed to be mounted via a Tri-Clamp fitting.these stones have a submersible porous body that diffuses CO2 gas directly into brewing liquid. In an optimal system, the stone would be mounted to the lowest part of the tank to provide the longest distance for CO2 to travel to the head. O

sanitary Carbonation Stone Sparge stone for Filter Brewing Industry
Applicationss:carbonated beverage,carbonated beer,aeration of wort,Oxygenation Aeration
Sanitary Carbonation Stone with 1/4″ FNPT
TC size:1.5″(Ferrule O.D 50.5mm)
1/4″ FNPT
micron hole size:0.2-60micron,0.6-10mm
0.5 or 2 micron stone is ideal to force carbonate your kegged beer,or as an aeration stone prior to fermentation.The barb size can be 1/4″ or 3/16″
Connection options:Weld,Clamp,FNPT,MNPT
Stainless Steel parts are made from SS304/SS316L
Material: Microfiber



6"Oxygenation Aeration Sintered beer carbonation stone

6″Oxygenation Aeration Sintered beer carbonation stone

8"Oxygenation Aeration Sintered beer carbonation stone

8″Aeration Sintered beer carbonation stone

12"Oxygenation Aeration Sintered beer carbonation stone

12″carbonation stone

Please note that you do not want to touch the stainless stone portion with your hands,The oils on your fingers can actually clog the small pores in the stone(not handling the porous end directly with your fingers , to prevent the pores from getting clogged)

Clean and sanitize the diffusion stone thoroughly before and after each use.

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