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ISO-KF Vacuum Flange Centering O Ring Seal Assemblies

Centering rings are used to seal the connection between two ISO-KF vacuum flange faces when used with a ISO-KF flange clamp.

The International Standards Organization has defined the interface dimensions of ISO-KF vacuum flanges allowing the interchanging of components that conform to the ISO-KF standard. The ISO-KF flange system provides is a modular building block method for creating a vacuum systems. Since component dimensions are standardized, elbows, tees, crosses or valves for a given flange size can be interchanged. The flanges are sexless and the seal is symmetrical allowing components to be rotated. By using ISO-KF standard components, vacuum system assembly is quick and cost effective.

NW flanges utilize an aluminum clamp with a single wingnut fastener allowing frequent disassembly without tools. The vacuum seal is effected by uniform application of pressure by the clamp on the 15° surface of the 304 stainless steel flanges. The mating flange surfaces compress a FKM O-Ring held in place by a centering ring. SUNTHAI offers aluminum and stainless steel centering rings for NW flanges with Viton/FKM O-ring

center ringsKF Centering Ring With O-Ring


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