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How to Overcome Inconsistent Carbonating of Your Beer?

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                              How to Overcome Inconsistent Carbonating of Your Beer?

Using a diffusion stone pays off with a reliable level of carbonation every time. SUNTHAI's 0.5 or 2 micron carbonation stoneis ideal to force carbonate your kegged beer, or as an aeration stone prior to fermentation. It produces nice small bubbles, giving more surface area for diffusion.

sanitary stinered stone

Carbonation stone is a powder sintered filter element, which is generally used for coarse filtration or intermediate filtration. The filter element has the advantages of high precision, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and the outer casing material is 316L or 304 stainless steel.

Note of usage:

1 Avoid scratching, dust and oil.

2 The working pressure should not exceed the rated working pressure during use.

3 In normal use, there is at least 3-5 minutes of low-pressure start-up time, the relative pressure difference should be controlled below 0.5Mpa, and then the working pressure is gradually adjusted to normal needs (the highest pressure does not exceed 0.4Mpa).

4 After the product has been running for a certain period of time, the pressure of the filter element may be blocked due to blockage of the filter element, and backflushing or backwashing regeneration is required. The regeneration cycle depends on the rated pressure and flow rate

How to clean your stainless steel carbonate stone?

1 For the newly used filter element, it is generally cleaned by means of clear water recoil and gas backflushing, that is, water is washed in the opposite direction with water slightly larger than the working pressure (for example, 0.3 mPa). The recoil time is about 1~3 minutes.

2 For multiple backwashing, when the filtration effect is not significantly increased, use 5% or less of hydrochloric acid solution, or 8% or less of sulfuric acid solution, or 10% or less of NaoH solution to soak at room temperature, and then wash with water.

Features :

1. Good airtightness, compact structure and not easy to damage. Applicable to the harsh working conditions at the production site, no maintenance costs;

2. Small footprint, high temperature resistance, good oxidation resistance, suitable for high temperature precision filtration of various acid and alkali salts and various organic solvents;

3. Non-toxic, non-magnetic, non-shedding, biologically compatible, because of this performance, titanium rod filters are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry;

Note: To prevent the micropore from getting clogged, we recommend not touching the porous surface directly with your fingers.Clean and sanitize the diffusion stone thoroughly before and after each use.

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