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Introduction about EPDM seal

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EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, which is a synthetic rubber used in a range of applications. Due to its excellent resistance to environmental factors such as ozone, ultraviolet rays, and general weathering. EPDM is most commonly use in many industries for various seals.  

EPDM O ringEPDM with 10 mesh screen



  • Low cost.

  • Excellent aging resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, sunlight resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, water vapor resistance, ultraviolet resistance, radiation resistance and others.

  • Excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, detergent, animal and vegetable oil, alcohol, ketone, etc. And outstanding water resistance, superheated water resistance, water vapor resistance, polar oil resistance, and etc.

  • Excellent insulation performance.

  • The applicable temperature range is wide, the minimum operating temperature is -40~-60℃, and it can keep working at 130℃ for a long time.



As a durable elastomer, EPDM is conformable, impermeable and a good insulator. Solid EPDM and expand EPDM foam are often use for sealing and gasketing, as well as membranes and diaphragms. Besides, they are often use when the component is use to control the fluid flow while remaining flexible. It can also be use to provide cushioning or elasticity. While EPDM has decent tensile strength, its flexibility makes it inappropriate for rigid parts such as gears, shafts, and structural beams. Sunthai Valve Co., Ltd can supply EPDM gaskets in various colors.

EPDM seals, specifically O-rings and gaskets, are commonly use across all kinds of applications and industries. These vary from medical devices through to water systems and automotive uses. With its strong combination of thermal and mechanical properties coupled with relative cost-effectiveness, you can also expect to see EPDM seals in door/window seals, refrigerators, and others.

While the value and versatility of EPDM lends itself well to seal use across various industries, the material does have some notable limitations. The main disadvantage is its poor sealing performance against mineral oil products. EPDM seals are not recommended for use with synthetic diester oils and lubricants found in some types of industrial machinery.

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