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Introduction about Flange Production

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According to the methods to produce flange, there are four types flange. They are casted, forged, cut, and rolled flange.


Casted Flange

It’s easy to produce cast flanges and the cost could be pretty low. But the cast flange has a lot of defects. To improve the quality, centrifugal flange was invented. To produce a centrifugal flange, you should melt the stainless steel raw material, and warm up the metal mold and keep the temperature 800℃-900℃. Then heat up the stainless steel liquid until 1600℃-1700℃. Turn on centrifuge and pour the stainless steel liquid into the metal mold. Naturally cooled down the casted mold to 800℃-900℃and keep the temperature for about 1-10 minutes. At last, cool it to the normal temperature with water so that you could take the flange out of the mold. Compared with original flange, centrifugal flange has a better quality.


Forged Flange

Forged flanges has three types, which are free forging, tire die forging, and die forging. Free forging, which has low efficiency, is suitable for products with simple structure, such as stainless steel rings. Tire die forging is also suitable for products with simple structure, but it’s efficiency is higher than free forging. And die forging can produce products with complex structure, and also its effiency is the highest among the three types. Nowadays, die forging is used in most industries.


Cut Flange

You are going to produce a cut flange. First, you need a flat steel that dimensions are bigger than the flange you need. And then cut the flat steel into a round plate, which looks like a flange. And then, process the round plate, such as, punching holes, processing grooves, and so on.

 stainless flange

Rolled Flange

You are going to produce a rolled flange. First, you need to cut a flat steel into long pieces. The dimensions for the long pieces are according to the flange you need. And then rolled the long pieces into a ring with the help of ring making machine. Weld the connect end together and then process the ring we get. Such as punching holes, processing grooves, and so on. Besides, remember that holes are not allow to be punched in the welding place. 

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