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Introduction about Silicone Seal

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Silicone seals are a kind of seal which is made of silicone and some other ingredients. They are mainly used for waterproof sealing and fresh keeping. Such as rice cookers, bottles, ovens, coffee pots, etc.

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  • Silicone seals can work in the temperature range of -60℃ ~ +200℃.

  • They have excellent sealing performance and are waterproof.

  • Good fresh-keeping effect, non-toxic and no smell.

  • They can work under high temperature, with no deformation and no harmful substances.

  • Good tensile performance, and 100% tested.

  • They will not turn yellow or fade after working for a long term.

  • High and low temperature resistance, could work for a long time, and FDA standard.


Heat resistance: Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber. It can work almost permanently at 150℃ , and without performance changes. It can work continuously at 200℃ for 10,000 hours, and work for a period of time at 350℃ . It is widely use in the applications requiring heat resistance, such as thermos bottle sealing.

Cold resistance: Compared with ordinary rubber, silicone rubber has good elasticity at -60℃/-70℃. And some silicone rubbers that has specially formulates, can also withstand extremely low temperatures, such as: low temperature seal ring.


It is not suitable to use silicone sealing ring when working pressure is more than 50 pounds (about 25bar).

Silicone rubber is compatible with most oils, compounds and solvents, and has good acid and alkali resistance. But it has no resistance to alkane hydrogen and aromatic oils. Also, it is not recommend to use silicone seals in most concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids and diluted NaOH solvents.

Some special silicone seals with special ingredients are also resistant to radiation, flames, and oil. However, silicone rubber always has the disadvantage of poor mechanical properties. It is not suitable for the stretching, tearing, and strong wear working environment.

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