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Introduction for PTFE

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PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is an inert material. Inert material is a knid of material that can remain stable in natural environment, with no or only weak chemical reactions. Therefore it has excellent resistance to most mineral and organic chemicals such as acids, bases and solvents. It can be used in temperatures up to approximately 260ºC.



As it is inert, PTFE plays an important role in the presence of aggressive chemicals. It can work as a bore liner to shield pipe gaskets from chemical attack. They can be supplied to fit specific bore sizes, and are know as PTFE envelopes.


PTFE is an exceptionally non-stick material. It has the same co-efficient of friction as ice on ice. In industrial applications, owing to its low friction, PTFE is a good choice for plain bearings, gears, slide plates, seals, gaskets, bushings, and more applications with sliding action of parts.


PTFE is good for use with petrol, oils, acids, and alkalis. Also has hood ozone resistance and impremeability to gases. Teflon gaskets are widely use in chemical plant, glass lined equipments etc., due to their high temperature, corrosion and ageing resistant qualities.



  • Compressor: High temperature and surface-wear resistant sealing gaskets.

  • Electric Motor: Sealing gaskets for components that require corrosion-resistance, exposure to high and low temperatures and high surface wear.

  • Medical Component: Seals for electronic instrumentation using materials that provide secure seals and long product life. Specialty gaskets, especially miniature sizes, are required for many medical devices.

  • Petrochemical: Gaskets for process equipment that are resistant to corrosive fluids, temperature extremes, and surface wear.

  • Etc.


Compared with EPDM

EPDM is softer and makes a better sealing material (conforms better to rough surface finishes).  Teflon is stiffer and slicker, which might hold up better in a dynamic or abrasive application.  Both could care less about sea water from a chemical attack/corrosion standpoint.

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