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Introduction for Single Stage Vacuum Pump

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Instruction for a Vacuum Pump.

The vacuum pump is used to vacuum a sealed tank. People use this pump in many industries. And we supply this pump because it's necessary for a bho extractor system. Users have to vacuum the closed loop extractor before they use it. Because butane gas can be dangerous when it mixes with air in a small space. 

135g bho extractor system


Firstly, in the 13th century, people invented suction pump to raise water. And it disappeared in 15th century.

And then, in the 17th century, people invented the first vacuum pump. 

The study of vacuum then lapsed until 1855, when the mercury displacement pump was invented and achieved a record vacuum of about 10 Pa. A number of electrical properties become observable at this vacuum level, and this renewed interest in vacuum. This, in turn, led to the development of the vacuum tube. The Sprengel pump(which is a kind of vacuum pump) was widely used as a vacuum producer of this time.

The early 20th century saw the invention of many types of vacuum pump.


Working principle

low noise pump

In the pump body, the rotation of the fan causes a volume change, which can discharge the gas out of the pump. The main reason is that when the volume of the suction cavity increases, the vacuum degree will decrease. And then the gas in the container will be sucked into the pump body. The volume becomes smaller and the pressure increases, and finally the sucked gas is discharged out of the pump through the oil seal.

vacuum pump data



The vacuum pump has many types, such as Rotary Vane Pump, Piston pump, Roots vacuum pump, and others. According to the application, some vacuum pumps may either be electrically actuated (using electric current) or pneumatically actuated (using air pressure), or powered and actuated by other means. And the pump we mainly supply is rotary vane pump.



Vacuum pumps plays an important role in many industrial and scientific processes. Vacuum pumps are suitable for many industrial and scientific processes including medical processes, milking machines and other industries. Especially in the field of transformer maintenance, vacuum pumps play an essential role to extend the lifetime of transformers in the field.

A vacuum pump can power, or provide assistance to mechanical devices.

In an aircraft, the vacuum source is often used to power gyroscopes in the various flight instruments. To prevent the complete loss of instrumentation in the event of an electrical failure, the instrument panel is deliberately designed with certain instruments. These instruments are powered by electricity and other instruments powered by the vacuum source.

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