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Introduction of a closed loop extractor

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Introduction of a Closed Loop Extractor

This is a sample inroduction for a closed loop extractor. I hope it can help newers to know more about how to use closed loop extractors.

 Drawing Extractor

Before we use a closed loop extractor, we should never forget to use a vacuum pump to exhaust the air in the extractor. As most of our customers are from Canada and America, our 110V vacuum pump can meet the needs. 

Vacuum Pump

Besides, we also have to prepare refrigerant because we have to refrigerate the butane gas into liquid. The butane is in the recovery tank and the leaves is in the dewaxing column. The leaves should dip into the liquid butane so that reaction will be more propurly.


Firstly, if we start the system, the liquid butane will volatilize and turn to gas. The gas runs toward the dewaxing column. Then, because of the refrigerant, the gas will turn to liquid and mix with leaves. So the liquid butane can react with the leaves well. The oil we get will flow into the collection tank. And the butane will turn to gas again. At last, if we connect the ball valves on the recovery tank and the collection tank with the hose, the butane gas can go back to recovery tank.


To lower the waste and speed up, there are some other kits which can help with the extraction.

Splatter platter: we connect it with the collection tank and the recovery tank to contains more gas and oil.

tri clamp jacketed basejacketed splatter

Chiller: in some systems, the column is full jacketed or double jacketed. And a chiller can connected with the column to replace the refrigerant.

Chiller10LB turn key closed loop extractor

CRC(Color Remediation Column): there is a filter plate with it. So that it can filter the oil we get and make it looks more beautiful.

CRC for extractor1lb with c30LB BHO Extractor

Filter Drier and Condenser Coil: both the filter drier and the condenser coil can help us to recover the butane gas. The filter drier can dry out the gas so that steam and others will be filtered. To speed up the recovery, the condenser coil will refrigerate the gas into the liquid. 

Filter DryerJacketed double coil condensersturn key bho closed loop extractor

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