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Other Classifications of Filter

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Other Classifications of Filter

We know that the filter is often used on the valve, sanitary valve, pressure container, stainless steel pipeline etc. It is divided into many different types. Except the main classifications of filter, there are still other classifications. In general, there are two types, which is Y type and disc type.


What is Y type filter?


Firstly, we talk about the working principle of it in order to easy understanding. The Y type filter is a small device which can remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid and can protect the normal operation of the equipment. The Y type filter is an indispensible device on the pipeline of the transmission medium. It is usually installed in the inlet end of pressure reducing valve and pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve or other equipments, which can eliminate the impurities in the medium to protect the normal use of the valve and equipment. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain filter screen, its impurities will be blocked and the purified fluid will be discharged from the filter outlet. When the filter screen needs to be cleaned, you only take it out and reload it after treatment. During the cleaning, if the exhaust valve cannot expel water, maybe the exhaust valve is blocked. You can open the chilled water inlet valve to flush out the sewage. If the exhaust valve continuously discharges water, the valve may not be closed tightly, you need check it carefully. After tightening the chilled water inlet and outlet valve, the water still flows continuously, that means the valve may be broken. You had better to repair it as quickly as possible.

 3 inch y filter

What is disc type filter?


About the disc type filter, we still talk about it from the working principle. The disc filter is formed by the parallel combination of filter units, and the filter unit is mainly composed of a group of ring shaped reinforced plastic filter disc with grooves or edges. When it works, sewage enters from the outside, and the rim formed by the groove edge on the adjacent filter disc will hold back solids in the water. When backwashing, the water will flow from the inside of the annular filter disc to the outside, which will rinse down the trapped solids and discharge them through the sewage outlet. Generally the discs are compacted together in the unit, the middle grooves between the upper and lower discs has the function of filtration and interception. The raw water flows from the outside to the inside when passing through the filter unit, and the impurities will be blocked outside due to its bulk is greater than the grooves. The disc can be rotated to change the gap of discs from the maximum passage to the smallest passage. In this way, the disc filter device can filter the particles and pollutants with different sizes and diameters.


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