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PTFE Envelope Tri-Clamp Gaskets with Viton Filler

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The PTFE Envelope Clamped Gasket is best used with a High Pressure Tri-Clamp to create a pressure-tight seam. This gasket has excellent resistance to almost all chemicals, easy to clean and a wide temperature range.

PTFE Envelope Gasket


PTFE+VITON structure


1.Working temperature: Low Temp:  -100°F  (Min. Continuous Use -65°F)

                                       High Temp:  +400°F (Max. Continuous Use +400°F)

2. Size: DN10-DN300, 1/2"-12"

3. Standards: DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO, IDF,  RJT,

4. Material: PTFE(While)+VITON(Black)

6. Connection:  Clamped

9. Applications: Pharmacy, beer, food, dairy, brewing, beverage, water treatment and chemical industry, etc..

Stainless steel sanitary quick connections


  • Excellent resistance to almost all chemicals

  • Excellent Temperature Range

  • Excellent Clean ability due to PTFE (Teflon) Envelope


PTFE Viton Envelope Gasket offers a hassle-free seal when connecting components of your vacuum system. Made from PTFE(Teflon) and FKM(Viton), the envelope gasket offers resistance to high temperatures and pressure and is a versatile material that will stand up to frequent use. Place the Rubber-fab PTFE Viton Envelope Gasket between a fitting for a secure and tight seal. This gasket is commonly used in the assembly of front line vacuum plumbing and process systems.

Teflon is incredibly inert and resilient, making it a great choice for aggressive, caustic, temperature-extreme applications. It isn't very "springy", though, so gaskets made completely of Teflon can be difficult to seal. Teflon envelope gaskets solve this problem by ensuring that the part coming into contact with your process liquids only touch Teflon. The center part is Viton rubber, which exhibits excellent elastomer memory at a wide range of temperatures. It allows your gasket to form a much stronger seal.

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