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The 58th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery

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The 58th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition

The 58th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery (CIPM) is held on Nov. 5 to Nov.7, 2019 in Chongqing International Expo Center.It is held twice a year and has been successfully held for over 57 times. Contributing to the China pharmaceutical industry, CIPM has firmly established itself as the largest show for pharmaceutical manufacturing in China。

In the 58th CIPM, exhibition halls covering about 180,000 m2 are mainly divided into Secondary Machinery, Water Treatment Equipment, Inspection Equipment, Milling Machinery,TCM Machinery, Packaging Machinery and Other Pharmaceutical Machinery.

Over the years, CIPM has became more and more famous, and its gradually increasing impact can be shown from the following aspects.



Pharmaceutical machinery exhibition has become an important procurement platform for the industry. Not only will all domestic well-known pharmaceutical equipment enterprises take part in, international enterprises in the industry also attend almost every time.  

About 1,200 exhibitors including 400 international companies and 80,000 professional visitors will take part in the 58th CIPM, which shows the popularity of the event both at home and in other countries.

With its internationalization, the 58th CIPM has attracted 460 international enterprises from nearly 30 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea. Many world-renowned pharmaceutical enterprises will appear in the event and fully show the international pharmaceutical enterprises' attention to the development of the Chinese market. More and more new products will be released in China on the exhibition. 

Superior Service

Because the 58th CIPM is a highly specialized exhibition of international pharmaceutical industry, large medical equipment transportation, loading and unloading should be guaranteed. 15 access points are reasonably planned in Chongqing International Expo Center. Each exhibition hall is equipped with 13 unloading points. Truck carrying 5 ton equipment could travel directly to these unloading points. There are also specialized lanes for large trucks in the center. In addition, it sets up temporary parking lot for transport vehicles to ensure convenient and efficient loading and unloading and improve the efficiency and save costs. 


Pharmaceutical Machinery Upgradation

Holding the exhibition is just the beginning. How to effectively promote the development of local enterprises is an issue that should be considered by all parties. In the past five years, the situation of China relying on imported pharmaceutical machinery and equipment has been reversed. Domestic pharmaceutical machinery and equipment can basically meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the domestic equipment with strength and technological innovation are exporting to other countries such as Southeast Asian.

With the successful holding of previous Pharmaceutical Machinery exhibitions, it is expected that records will be broke in this session especially in terms of sales amount. Sophisticated equipment will be launched in the market and make people’s life better.


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