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The Difference and Application Of Vacuum Accessories KF, ISO, NW, CF Series

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The Difference and Application Of Vacuum Accessories KF, ISO, NW, CF Series

In vacuum systems, we often encounter flanges of various specifications, such as CF, KF, NW, ISO, etc. These series of flanges are common sealing connections used in vacuum systems, but the distinction between these flanges And use, many people are not very clear, now to discuss these issues with you.

CF series: CF flanges are relatively easy to distinguish, and are mainly used for sealing connections in ultra-high vacuum systems. The main sealing method is metal sealing, that is, copper gasket sealing. It should be noted that the sealing effect of the copper gasket will be poor after one use. If the system requires a high degree of vacuum, the gasket needs to be replaced every time the flange is disassembled.

KF series: KF is a common sealing connection method in daily vacuum systems, mainly used in high vacuum systems. Specifications are from KF10-KF50, usually the pipe size of KF connection is relative to the inch specification. That is, the pipeline corresponding to KF25 is 25.4*1.65mm, and so on (some require special pipelines, and the welding size of the flange can be customized). The vacuum connection from the largest KF to KF50 (piping is 50.8*1.65mm) is the ISO series.

ISO series: ISO is also an accessory used in high vacuum systems. The minimum specification is ISO63 (the piping is 63.5*1.65mm), and then there are ISO80, ISO100, ISO160, ISO320 and even larger specifications. The link method is a double claw clamp. It is mainly two ISO flanges, with a sealing ring in the middle, and then four double claw clamps are used to connect. It should be noted that in general, compared with the KF series vacuum seal ring, the ISO series seal ring has an additional aluminum spring outer ring in addition to the center bracket and the fluorine rubber seal ring. Its main function is to prevent sealing Circle slipped. Because the pipe size of the ISO series is relatively large, the sealing ring sleeved on the center support is affected by the vibration or temperature of the machine. If it is not fixed, it will slip and affect the seal.

NW series: NW is also a vacuum accessory used in high vacuum systems, which is a Japanese standard, so NW vacuum accessories are relatively more used in Japanese companies or Japanese equipment. As we said before, the ISO series is connected by two pieces of ISO flanges and four double claw clamps, while the connection method of NW is that two pieces of NW flanges are connected together with chain clamps (N63 The appearance of the flange is the one size larger NW50 flange)

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