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The Introduction to Closed-Loop Extraction System

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The Introduction to Closed-Loop Extraction System

1. Definition

Closed loop extractor is a professional setting. It consists of a large tank containing solvent, a connecting pipe for controlled blasting, a recovery tank, a refrigerant pump, a recovery pump and a refrigerant scale for effectively measuring the weight of the recovery tank. It is much safer than an open extraction system. In the extraction process, no solvent is exposed to air, but is contained in a closed-loop system. Because there is no export, it can successfully use the solvent in a safe and closed environment, and can reuse the solvent to reduce the risk of explosion. 

The open extraction method is inefficient and dangerous. Because there are many chemicals used in the process, because there is no vacuum pump to recover these substances, a large number of impurities and solvents remain in the final product. Solvents also escape into the atmosphere, which is not good for the environment or the operator. In addition, using butane or propane in open places can cause fire and explosion at any time. 

2. Working Principle

The closed loop extractor uses refined butane or propane as solvent. The unit must also have an oven and a pump. Its working principle is as follows. 

The First Step is Extraction.

Place the abrasives in the suction pipe, a pressurized solvent tank connected to the extraction pipe. The solvent will remain at high pressure throughout the process. Using a pressure pump, the solvent is sprayed on the plant. The solvent passes through the plant, and the hairy body of the plant is separated and deposited in the basin, leaving a layer of sticky brown or dark yellow resin. Then it is cleaned, dried and processed into the required concentrate. The used solvent is collected in the recovery tank for future use. 

2lb rack mounted extractor

The Second Step is Purging.

In a vacuum furnace, the chamber is depressurized with a recovery pump. A vacuum is created to extract the remaining butane or solvent bubbles from the unfinished concentrate. When these bubbles expand and burst, their toxic gases are rapidly evacuated from the chamber through a vacuum and captured for reuse. 

The Third Step is Evaporation.

In the final step, the concentrate is heated in a vacuum oven at about 110 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 to 10 hours and any residual solvents or other impurities are burned off by evaporation. After extraction, the concentrate can be "processed" into different products in various ways. 

The number and complexity of closed-loop extraction equipment are different. The most basic equipment is about 5000 US dollars, and high-quality commercial equipment can reach 30000 US dollars to 500000 US dollars. 

3. Products

For decades, the closed loop extractor has been used to produce perfumes, food additives and beauty products. Most solvent based concentrates can be made in a closed loop extractor. Most of the products produced by closed-loop extraction belong to the category of butane hash oil (BHO). Products made from BHO have a wide range of consistency according to their liquid and air content, but have different names, such as buddy, cramble, wax, shatter and live resin.

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