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The Prospect of Stainless Steel Pipe

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The Prospect of Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of economical section steel and an important product in iron and steel industry. It is widely used in pharmaceutic, food and beverage, chemical industries, etc. In the market, many people also use stainless steel pipes to make stair handrails, windows, railings and furniture and so on.


Stainless steel pipe accounts for about 8% - 16% of the total steel, which is widely used in the national economy. Because the steel pipe has hollow section, it is suitable for the transportation of liquid, gas and solid. At the same time, compared with the same weight of round steel, the section coefficient and anti-deformation strength of stainless steel pipe are larger, so it is also an important material for various mechanical and architectural structures. In the case of equal weight, the structure and components made of stainless steel pipes have larger section modulus than the solid parts. Therefore, stainless steel pipe is an economical section steel which can save metal, and it is an important part of efficient steel. It has a large demand in oil exploitation, metal smelting, transportation and other industries. With the development of new technologies such as atomic bomb, rocket, missile and aerospace industry, stainless steel pipe plays an increasingly important role in national defense industry, science and technology and economic construction.


Stainless steel pipe has the advantages of safety, reliability, sanitation, environmental protection and economic applicability. The thin wall of the pipe and the reliable and simple connection method make it have more advantages that can not be replaced by other pipes. Because stainless steel pipe has many ideal properties required by building materials, its position in metal is unique and there is still space for improvement. Moreover, in order to meet the strict requirements of advanced building applications, we are developing new stainless steel pipes. Due to the continuous improvement of production efficiency and quality, stainless steel pipe has become one of the most cost-effective materials chosen by architects.


Stainless steel pipe is one of the best building materials in the world because of its good performance, appearance and characteristics. With the implementation of the policy of reform and opening up, the national economy has achieved rapid growth. A large number of urban housing, public buildings and tourism facilities have been built, which also puts forward new requirements for hot water supply and domestic water supply. Due to the shortcomings of easy corrosion, under the influence of relevant national policies, galvanized steel pipes gradually withdraw from the historical stage. Plastic pipe, composite pipe and copper pipe have become the common pipes of the pipeline system. But in many cases, the stainless steel pipe has more advantages, especially the stainless steel pipe whose wall thickness is only 0.6-1.2mm. In drinking water system, hot water system and water supply system, it has the characteristics of safety, reliability, sanitation, environmental protection and economic applicability.


In the construction and water supply system, due to the end of the using history of galvanized steel pipes, various new plastic pipes and composite pipes have developed rapidly. However, there are still some deficiencies in various pipes, which are far from meeting the needs of the water supply system and the national requirements for drinking water. Therefore, experts predict that the water supply pipe will eventually return to the era of the metal pipe. According to the application experience of foreign countries, the thin-walled stainless steel pipe is one of the best pipes with comprehensive properties.


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