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Tips for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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Rotary vane vacuum pump


It can work alone and can also work as a fore line pump with other high vacuum pumps or ultra-high vacuum pumps. Now it plays an important role in many fields.


Working requirements:

  • Air: Firstly, it can only work with clean and dry air without other mixtures at room temperature, and no air containing other dust and moisture.

  • Pressure: Secondly, when the inlet pressure exceeds 0.065bar, is not allowed to work more than 3 minutes to avoid fuel injection and pump damage.                    And when the inlet pressure is lower than 0.0133bar, it can work for a long time.

  • Temperature: Thirdly, vacuum pumps generally work in an environment where the room temperature is higher than 5℃ and the relative humidity is                              lower than 90%.



This vacuum pump is small and light, with working speed, low noise, and it is convenient for maintenance.



The rotary vane vacuum pump emits smoke or oil from the exhaust port during operation:

  1. Smoke. It's normal for the pump smoke when it just starts to run. While if it smokes for a long time, you should check whether it is leak somewhere. And fix it.

  2. Fuel injection indicates that there are a large number of leaks outside the air inlet. Seal the air inlet of the pump and run the pump. If there is no fuel injection, it means there is a leak. And if the rotary vane is damaged, replace the bad rotary vane.


The noise of the pump:

  1. If the pump makes an irregular sound when it is running, like the sound of metal beating metal, you should check the spring. This sound is made by the rotary vane hitting the pump body. This situation is mainly caused by the spring between the rotary vanes. Turn on the pump and check if the rotary vane spring is damaged. If it is damaged, replace the spring.

  2. The main reason for the noise of the rotary vane is the damage of the rotary vane. You should replace it with a good rotary vane.


The vacuum degree of the rotary vane vacuum pump now is lower than the factory index or the vacuum degree of the previous use.

  1. The grade of the rotary vane vacuum pump oil in the pump now is different from the original one. Different vacuum pump oil grades with different saturated vapor pressures will lead to different results. You should replace the correct new vacuum pump oil according to the product model specification.

  2. In addition, the emulsification and discoloration of the vacuum pump oil can also causes the low vacuum, or it is too dirty. You can solve the problem by draining all the vacuum pump oil in the pump, replacing the same type of vacuum pump oil, and preventing the water vapor and impurities in the pumped gas from entering the pump.

  3. If the temperature of the pumped gas is too high, reduce the temperature of the pumped gas, or add a corresponding heat exchanger.

  4. Check whether the oil circuit is unblocked, and add the same type of vacuum pump oil.

  5. If the air contains dust, there will be a larger gap between the rotor and the stator. Check whether the gap is too large and replace with new parts.

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