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Tips for purchasing sanitary fittings(tees.elbows,reducers)

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Attentions When Purchasing Sanitary Tube Fittings

1. When you are intend to purchase food grade stainless steel reducers (concentric/eccentric),you are not recommended to use "concentric reducer", which looks beautiful, but when used for horizontal installation, it will cause large diameter pipe storage. Although vertical installation does not have this problem, why use two reducers in two difference sizes? In case the eccentric reduce is not shortage, the concentric reducer can't be interchanged, but the opposite is fine, so you'd better always choose the "eccentric reducer". Santiary stainless steel reducer(concentric/eccentric) are usually come with two adjacent diameters (such as 38/51mm, 51/63mm). When applications where need skipping size, it is best to use weld two ecc reducers,so as to maintain the entire production line/engineering in versatility, if you skip two sizes, it may not be beautiful, but it needs to be customized and delivery time is long

sanitary reducers

2. Sanitary tee: The tee's branch is likely to be welded with a sanitary butterfly valve, in order to reduce the dead angle, a "pull tee" should be used. It is recommended to purchase short pull tees at all times, and reduce the diameter of the branch pipe when the diameter of the branch pipe needs to be reduced, so that the pipe fittings have better versatility. When it is necessary to use the "reducing short tee" (reducing the middle branch) to reduce the diameter due to cleaning requirements,

3A reducing short typeTee

3 Sanitary elbows(45deg elbow,90degree elbow,U bend)

Usually,The radius of curvature is 1D or 1.5D.And 2d.3D,5D can be customized if request.

Pay attention to the surface roundness and check whether the four elbows can be assembled into a complete circle when you do inspection. 

sanitary elbow s

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