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What’s Angel Seat Valve?

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What’s Angel Seat Valve?

The angle seat valve maintains the flow rate to save space. It uses a single-acting pneumatic actuator with spring safety protection to guide the angle seat valve. When using it, you should choose normally open or normally closed. The angle seat valve is widely used in short-time frequent startup, and has the characteristics of sensitive response and accurate action. In conjunction with the use of solenoid valves, pneumatic control can accurately control the flow of gas and liquid, and can achieve accurate temperature control and liquid addition requirements. The damp heat sterilizer uses an angle seat valve to control the amount of steam and accurately control the temperature.

Technical Parameters of Angle Seat Valve

Angle seat valves are cast from stainless steel and Teflon and can be used in most gas, liquid, steam and corrosive applications. It has a radiator to protect the actuator and ensure a long valve life.


Principle of angle seat valve.

The pneumatic head of a single-acting angle seat valve is usually a hole. Its working principle is to open and close according to the spring return. It is divided into normally open and normally closed. The pneumatic head of the double-acting angle seat valve usually has two holes. The working principle is to control the switch of the gas supply. According to customer requirements, we can also choose the double-acting spring return for more precise control.


Connection Method of Angle Seat Valve

According to the type of pipeline installation, pneumatic angle seat valve can be divided into four categories, including screw connection, quick connection, flange connection, welding connection. 


Practical Application Parameters of Angle Seat Valve

1. The pressure range is 0-2.5Mpa.

2. Medium temperature.

Normal temperature type medium temperature is about -20 ℃ ~ + 200 ℃, high temperature type medium temperature is about -20 ℃-+ 300 ℃

3. Ambient temperature is -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

4.Valve body material is stainless steel

5. The sealing material is polytetrafluoroethylene

6.The shell of the actuator is polyacrylamide and stainless steel

7. Application of Pneumatic Angle seat valve in Life

angle seat valve

1) Control gas

Pneumatic angle seat valve can control neutral gas and air

2) Control liquid

Pneumatic angle seat valve can control automatic industrial control fluid, food-grade dairy, domestic water, and common pipeline fluid medium.


 Features of Angle Seat Valve

1. Angle seat valve has valve open or closed position display.

2. The external pneumatic pilot of the angle seat valve increases the service life and it is maintenance-free.

3. Self-adjusting sealing gland between the overflow port of the angle seat valve and the slider can improve the sealing performance.

4. The angle seat structure of the valve body can realize large flow, especially compared with the ordinary globe valve, the structure is compact and the response is fast.


Installation and Maintenance of Angle Seat Valve

1. The pipes must be clean and without contamination.

2. Install as needed, but preferably with the actuator facing up. Pay attention to the flow direction.

3.Connect the valve to the pipeline, and remove the actuator only when the user requires it.

4.Shut off fluid and control air supply and reduce pressure in the piping system before opening or maintaining this angle valve.

Hopefully this passage can help you learn more about the angel seat valve. If you are interested, welcome to contact us.

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