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What’s Clamp Holder?

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What’s Clamp Holder?

A clamp holder is a device that holds an object and controls it. It can grip and release objects while performing certain actions. In industry, many devices are designed according to the movement of biology. Taking the gripper as an example, it is designed according to the movement of human fingers. The "fingers" of the clamp holder do not belong to the clamp holder itself. They are special tools for holding objects, which are called "clips".


Working Principle of Clamp Holder

The most widely used clamp holder is the pneumatic clamp holder. It is essentially a cylinder powered by compressed air. When air is supplied, the clip of the clamp holder will approach the object and firmly grasp it for other operations, while when the air direction changes, the clamp holder will release the object. The typical application of pneumatic clamp holder is to change the direction of objects or move the objects in the operation of selection and placement.


When clamping the workpiece, the clamp holder shall have certain force constraints and shape constraints to ensure that the clamped workpiece will not be damaged by the clamp holder in the process of moving, staying and loading. 


Clamping Action of The Clamp Holder

External clamping: This is the most common method of clamping objects. This method is the simplest and requires the shortest stroke length. When the clips of the clamp holder are closed, the clamping force exerted by the clamp holder will clamp the object. 


Internal clamping: In some cases, the object needs to be clamped from the center because of the geometry of the object or because it needs to be close to the outside of the object. In this case, the clip of the clamp holder will expand outwards to tighten the object.


2inch 3 piece clamp

Types and Characteristics of Clamp Holder

Compressed air is often used as the power source of the clamp holder, and the movement of the "finger" is realized by the transmission mechanism. According to the different motion trajectories of the clamp holders, the clamp holders can be divided into arc opening and closing type, arc parallel opening and closing type and straight-line parallel opening and closing type.


Driven by the transmission mechanism, the motion trajectory of the front end of the "finger" of the arc opening and closing type clamp holder is circular arc, which has strict requirements on the size of the clamped part of the workpiece, otherwise, it may cause the state of the workpiece to be abnormal.


The "fingers" of the arc parallel opening and closing type clamp holder make parallel opening and closing movement while working, and the movement track of the "finger" end is circular arc.


The motion trajectory of the "finger" of the straight-line parallel opening and closing type clamp holder is a straight line, and the "finger" and the clamping surface are always parallel. When the piston rod moves up and down, the "finger" moves through the roller installed at the end of the piston rod in the cam groove to realize the parallel clamping movement of "finger".



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