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What’s Diverter Valve and Its Valve Seat?

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What’s Diverter Valve and Its Valve Seat?

The diverter valve is also called the speed synchronization valve, which is the general name of the diverter valve, the header valve, the one-way diverter valve, the one-way header valve and the proportional diverter valve in the hydraulic valve. Synchronous valves are mainly used in dual-cylinder and multi-cylinder synchronous control hydraulic systems. There are usually many methods to achieving synchronous movement, but the synchronous control hydraulic system using the diverting header-synchronous valve has many advantages such as simple structure, low cost, easy manufacturing, and strong reliability. Therefore, the synchronous valve is widely applied in the hydraulic system. The synchronization of the shunt collecting valve is the speed synchronization. When the two or more oil cylinders respectively bear different loads, the shunt collecting valve can still ensure its synchronous movement.


Function of the Diverter valve

The function of the diverter valve is to make the same oil source supply the same flow to two or more actuators in the hydraulic system, which is also called equal flow splitting, or to supply the flow to two actuators according to a certain ratio to achieve the speeds of the two actuators are kept in synchronous or proportional relationship, which is also called proportional flow splitting. The role of the collector valve is to collect equal flow or proportional oil return from the two actuators to achieve speed synchronization or fixed ratio relationship between them. The diverting and collecting valve has the function of both a diverting valve and a collecting valve.


Classification of the Diverter valve

According to the adjustment method, it can be divided into fixed diverter manifold, self-regulating diverter manifold, adjustable diverter manifold, and combined regulating diverter manifold with self-regulating and adjustable combination. The above series of hydraulic valves can be designed as small flow split manifolds. The fixed structure synchronous valve can be divided into two types of reversing piston type and hook type. This series of hydraulic valve can be divided into equal flow type and proportional flow type according to the flow distribution method, and the ratio often used is 2: 1. It can also be designed as a small flow synchronous valve according to the required ratio.

Pneumatic divert seat valve


Difference between Collection and Diverter valves

1) The collecting valve is installed on the oil return path of the two actuators, and the oil return flows of the two loads are brought back together.


2) The inlet pressure of the two flow sensors of the diverter valve is the same. The larger the passing flow of the flow sensor, the lower the outlet pressure. The two flow sensors of the collecting valve share the outlet pressure. The larger the flow rate of the flow sensor, the higher the inlet pressure. Therefore, the pressure feedback direction of the collector valve is just the opposite of that of the diverter valve.


3) The collecting valve can only ensure that the actuator is synchronized when the oil returns.


Valve Seat of the Diverter valve

The valve seat is a removable surface part in the valve, which is used to support the fully closed position of the valve core and forms a sealing pair. Generally, the seat diameter is the maximum flow diameter of the valve. Butterfly valve seat material is very wide, all kinds of rubber, plastic, metal materials can be used as the seat material.


Material Properties of Valve Seat

1) Fluid compatibility, including swelling, loss of hardness, permeability, and degradation.

2) Hardness

3) Permanent deformation

4) Recovery degree after load elimination

5)Compressive strength

6) Deformation before rupture

7) Elastic modulus


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