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What's Reflux Tower Distiller Column?

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What's Reflux Tower Distiller Column?


Our distiller column is assembled by single pin clamps. And it has condenser tubes, 90 degree elbows, and a reducer pagoda. The gasket is silicone. 

Column Reflux Distiller


Reflux has a wide use in industrial distillation, chemical reactions, laboratory distillation, and beverage distillation. 

Working Principle

As for the laboratory distillation and beverage distillation, for example, when we try to get liquid from a tank of mixed liquid, we can use hot water to heat the liquid up to its boiling point. And the solvent will boil and turn to gas. Then we can use cold water to condense the other side of the pipe so that the gas can turn to liquid and runs into another collection tank. 

 distiller instruction

As for industrial distillation, reflux plays an important role in petrochemical plants, chemical plants, and gas processing plants. The vapors we get from the mixed liquid go to the top of the tower and condenser to liquid. The liquid we get will go back to the mixed liquid to condense the new vapors we get. 

Reflux can provide energy for chemical reactions. The high temperature and high pressure because of the heat and the gas can help to speed up the reactions.

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