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What’s Tee Pipe Fittings?

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What’s Tee Pipe Fittings?

Tee pipe fitting is also called tee joint. It is mainly used to change the direction of the fluid, and is mainly installed at the connection of the main pipeline and the sub pipeline. The tee pipe fittings are generally made of carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastic, PVC and other materials.


Classification of The Tee Pipe Fittings

The tee pipe fittings can be divided into the same diameter tee pipe fittings (the diameter of main pipe and sub pipe is the same) and the different diameter tee pipe fittings (the diameter of main pipe and sub pipe is different) according to the pipe diameter.


According to the form of connection, the tee pipe fittings can be divided into butt welded tee pipe fittings (directly connected by welding), socket tee pipe fittings (welded after inserting the fitting), ferrule tee pipe fittings (directly connected by inserting) and threaded tee pipe fittings (connected by thread).


The tee pipe fittings can be divided into stainless steel tee pipe fittings, carbon steel tee pipe fittings, copper tee pipe fittings, PVC tee pipe fittings, ductile iron tee pipe fittings, etc. according to the material. 


The tee pipe fittings can be divided into straight tee pipe fittings (the branch pipe is vertical to the main pipe) and inclined tee pipe fittings (the branch pipe is not vertical to the main pipe) according to the form of branch pipe. 


Application of The Tee Pipe Fittings

The tee pipe fittings are widely used in chemical industry, civil construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding industry and other fields because of their convenience and simplicity.

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Processing Technology of The Tee Pipe Fittings

As for the tee pipe fittings made of seamless pipe, there are usually two kinds of technology, hydraulic bulging and hot pressing. 


The hydraulic bulging of the tee pipe fittings is a kind of forming process of expanding branch pipe by axial compensation of metal material. The process is to use a special hydraulic press to inject liquid into the tube blank with the same diameter as the tee pipe fittings. The tube blank is extruded by two horizontal side cylinders of the hydraulic press. The volume of the tube blank becomes smaller after extrusion, and the pressure of the liquid in the tube blank increases with the volume of the tube blank becoming smaller. When the pressure required for the branch pipe of tee pipe fitting is reached, the metal material flows along the inner cavity of the die under the double action of the liquid pressure in the side cylinder and the tube blank, and then the branch pipe is formed.


Hot pressing is to extrude the tube blank whose diameter is larger than the tee pipe fitting to make its diameter equal to the diameter of the required tee pipe fitting, and then make a hole where the branch pipe needs to be stretched out. The tube blank is heated, put into the forming die, and put into the drawing branch die. Under the action of pressure, the tube blank is compressed radially. In the process of radial compression, the metal flows towards the branch pipe and forms the branch pipe under the stretch of the die.


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