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What's Union?

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Union is a pipe connector that can be easily install and disassemble. It mainly consists of a nut, a male, a liner, and a seal. To make an effectively working pipe fitting, both the male and female ends are sealed together with the help of nuts. Union makes pipeline connection becomes simpler, and it could be disassembled and replaced easily.

unionUNION Parts


1. This kind of connection is convenient, fast and easy for operation.

2. Convenient for test and maintenance. 

3. Fast and easy for production.

4. Low cost.

5. It can connect two pipe fittings with different connection and different diameter together. 

6. A union is use when you are trying to join two pipes together that are fix, thus unable to be turn. A union is very similar to a coupling, except that it can         be unscrew into two separate pieces and then screw back together when both separate ends are attach to the two pipe ends that need to be joined. 

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