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What's bimetallic thermometer?

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What's the bimetallic thermometer?


The bimetallic thermometer is a kind of temperature gauge, and we usually use it to test the temperature. It can directly measure the temperature of the liquid, steam, and gaseous media. As for the installation, welded, clamped, threaded, flanged, and etc. are available. 

And this kind of gauge combines two metals with different linear expansion coefficients together and fixed at one end. When the temperature changes, the two metals' shape will change, so as to rotary the pointer to indicate the temperature. Because the thermal expansion of the two metals is different.  Besides, the temperature measurement range is -80~500℃. When the accuracy measurement is not necessary, it is suitable for temperature measurement. As a kind of temperature sensing element, this gauge can also be used for automatic temperature control.


According to the connection of the pointer plate and the protection tube, a bimetallic thermometer has 4 types:

1.Axial type: the pointer plate and the protection tube are vertical connection;


2.Radial typethe connection of the pointer board and the protection tube is parallel;


3.135° type: the pointer plate and the protection tube are connected at 135°;

4.Universal type: the connection angle of the pointer plate and the protection tube are adjustable.


This bimetal thermometer with a fast response speed, and the size is small which means that we can use it conveniently. What's more, this gauge has good linearity, so that the possibility of error is small. And works stably, while can not work at a temperature higher than 500℃. 

In fact, this temperature gauge approaches the ideal flow meter. Because it's suitable for a wide range of liquid flow measurements,  even with very low conductivities. The gauge offers no resistance to flow so that the pressure drop is less. Besides, the effect of the solid impurities of measurements is really low.

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