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What’s the Working Principle of Filter?

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What’s the Working Principle of Filter?

When we talk about the filter, we will think it is some sorts of net, just like window screen which have regular meshes and have the function of filtration and separation. Here the filter what we talk about is often used on the industries. Of course, it is also widely used on many electric equipments or machines such as pressure container, sanitary valve, pressure valve, safety valve etc. Then how does the filter work? Maybe few people know about it. Now we will talk about the working principle of filter.


The Working Principle of Filter


Seen from the name, we know the function of the filter is filtration. It is the main property as well. When the filter is working, the water to be treated will enter through the water entry, then flow through the filter screen, and enter the pipeline to complete the process cycle by the outlet. In the process, the impurities with the particulates in the water will be separated and trapped inside of the filter screen. With the continuous circulation, more and more particles are separated. At this time, the filtration speed will become slower and slower. While the sewage from the water inlet still enters continuously, the filter holes will become smaller and smaller, thus the pressure difference will be created between the water inlet and the outlet. When the pressure difference reaches the maximum endurance capacity of the set value, the differential pressure transmitter will transmit the electrical signal to the controller, the control system start the drive motor to drive the shaft to rotate through the transmission component. At the same time, the sewage outlet will be opened and discharged the impurities inside from the sewage outlet. After the filter screen is cleaned, the pressure difference will drop to the minimum value, the system will return to the initial filtration state. After the whole process is completed, the system will operate normally again.

 filter stacks

When you read the working principle of the filter, will you think it is complicated? In fact, its work is very simple. The filter is composed of the case, multi-element filter cartridge, backwashing part and differential pressure controller etc. The horizontal partition in the case divides the inner cavity into two parts: the upper and lower cavity. The upper cavity is equipped with multiple filter cartridges, which fill in the space of filter, and accordingly reduce the volume of the filter. The lower cavity is installed a backwashing sucker. When the filter works, the turbid liquids enter the lower cavity of filter through the inlet, and then enter the inner cavity by partition holes, the impurity substances are blocked since they are greater than the gaps of the filter cartridges. Finally the clean liquids pass through the gaps and reach the upper cavity, and they are sent out from the outlet, then the filter completes the purified process.


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