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What's tri clamp connection

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What's tri clamp connection?


Tri clamp connection is widely used in food, beverage, beer, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. What's more also in our closed loop extractors. Tri clamp connection means that there is a rubber gasket between two clamp ferrules, and then compress them together and in place with a clamp.

tri clover set with Teflon seal


Tri clamp comes from the term tri clover. And "Tri Clover" is the registered brand name of the famous Swedish company which is Alfa-Laval. This company changed its focus and sold this brand to another company. While the term "tri clover" is still used in sanitary fittings field, it is falling out and changed into another more descriptive term which is "tri clamp".

4 Types

There is no much differences in tri clamp ferrules, while there are different types of the clamp. There are four kinds of clamp, which is single pin clamp, double pin clamp, 3-piece clamp, and high pressure clamp. We can supply all these types, while in our closed loop extractors, high pressure clamp is mainly used. Because when you use an extractor, you have to exhaust the air, then use butane gas to extract. And the perssure can be very high. Amoung the four clamps, high pressure clamp is the most pressure resistant type.

Sanitary Clamp Union3A DIN double pin clamp2inch 3 piece clampHigh-pressure-clamp


To bought the correct size you need for a clamped ferrule, you can measure outside diameter of the end which connected with the pipe. Or you can also measure the outside diameter of the flange end. And you can also use your gasket to make sure that if you bought the correct size. Because the inside diameter of the gasket should be the same as the inside diameter of the ferrule.

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