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What to do when your cooling coil goes wrong?

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A cooling coil aka condensing coil can help to speed up the process. When the cooling coil gose wrong, we can contact the supplier for a new one. But sometimes, the supplier may refuse you for lots of reasons. There are some tips for how to fix the coil by yourself when you found your coil is leaking. 

Firstly, view the cooling coil and the hose to see is there a visible damage. 

Secondly, confirm that there is nothing wrong with your hose which is connect to the coil. You can change the hose into a new one. If another connection is fine, you can exchange the two hoses, and view which connection is leaking.

cooling coil and pipe

Thirdly, is there any visible damage on the cooling coil? If the damage is on the tube, replace the tube with a new one. If the damage is on the joint of the coil, you can weld a new one on it. While if you are not a professionist in welding, it is better to replace the cooling coil with a new one. 

At last, if there is no visible damage, but you are sure that there is something wrong with the coil, you can inject water in the coil and view where is the water leaking. So that you can find out the leaking place. If the leaking place is on the joint, there are two mainly reasons. 

Our cooling coil has two connection types. One is threaded, another is JIC adapter. Most coil we supply for customers are JIC adapters.

polishing JIC

For a threaded adapter, you can use a ptfe tape. But a JIC adapter doesn't use a ptfe tape. If it leaks after you turn the connector tightly in a correct way, then you can polished the JIC joint with emery cloth and cleaned it. Make sure the surface of the joint is clean and smooth. 

If it still leaks, you can contact the supplier for help.

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