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2LB BHO Closed Loop Extractor with Vacuum Pump

2pound closed loop extractor bho hardware extractor systems
Unit Price:
Max Pressure:
  • 2lb
  • Sunthai extractor
  • Stainless Steel 304

2LB Active /Passive BHO Closed Loop Extractor with Vacuum Pump

Warranty: 1 year for stainless steel parts.(excludes gasket)
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Surface finish Mirror polish Polish
Working Temperature: Medium Temperature
Max Pressure: 145psi
Seal: Viton/FKM seal.filter screen seals 100 mesh
Connection method: High pressure clamp
Material column Size: 4"x24"
Thread port: NPT fittings as stanadard,BSPT is optional
Application: BHO, CBD extraction

This 2LB BHO Closed Loop Extractor System mainly includes:

4"x24"    Dry Ice Jacketed Colum

12"X12"  Non jacketed Solvent Recovery Tank

10"X10"  Non jacketed Collection Tank

10"X4"    Jacketed/non jacketed Splatter Platter

3"X18"    Molecular Sieve Filter Dryer

10"X10"  Condenser Coil

2 stage 9cfm Vacuum pump

2LB Closed Loop Extractor


  • Never put butane filled tubes in the freezer.

  • Always use in extremely well-ventilated OUTDOOR areas.


  • Using a combination of dry ice and heat will help move the solvent more around the closed loop system

  • Ensure you leave 20% space in the gas reclamation tank to account for expansion.

  • When packing the tube try to compress the product as much as possible, this will help saturate all the product when you soak the material in Butane.

  • Vacuuming the tube after you’ve packed the product helps remove any unwanted moisture and oxygen. The vacuum will enable faster filling of butane.

Other versions of Sunthai 2 pounds closed loop extractor:

2LB Turn Key Closed Loop Extractor                         2LB Top Fill Rack Mounted BHO Extractor

           2LB Closed Loop Extractor                                               2lb with aluminum rack

2LB Closed Loop Butane Extractor                                           2LB Rack Mounted Closed Loop Extractor

2LB closed loop extractor with jacketed shatter                                                                         2lb rack mounted extractor

Which one do you like? 

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