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Application of Double Seat Mixproof Valve in Brewery(one)

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Application of Double Seat Mixproof Valve in Brewery(one)

With the popularization of beer, the control and requirements of microorganisms in breweries are more and more strict. The design of pipeline system pays more attention to reducing the dead angle of cleaning, yeast addition, concentration dilution, filtration, etc. The double seat mixproof valve is used in the mixing pipeline system. The connection mode of the pipeline is changed from the rubber tube connection to the converter tube connection, and then developed into a popular valve array system composed of double seat mixproof valve. The valve array pipeline system is composed of several double seat mixproof valves. The opening of each valve is automatically controlled by computer. The pipeline and valve can be cleaned independently with CIP, so as to minimize the dead angle of cleaning. It has obvious advantages over rubber tube connection and converter tube connection in the microbial requirements of beer.


Types of Double Seat Mixproof Valve

The double seat mixproof valve can be divided into D-valve, R-valve, B-valve and T-valve.


Advantages of D-valve:

1. Relatively low cost.

2. 2. It has valve disc lifting function, which can clean the valve core when cleaning the pipeline.

3. 3. There is a lower pipe pressure balancing device, which can bear relatively large pressure without jacking up the valve disc.


Disadvantages of D-valve:

1. The pressure in the pipe cannot be balanced. When the pressure in the lower pipe is greater than 8 bar, the lower valve disc of the double seat mixproof valve may be jacked up, resulting in the material entering the valve core cavity, and even the upper and lower valve discs can be jacked up at the same time, resulting in the short-time conduction of the upper and lower pipes.

2. When the valve is opened, a small amount of material in the lower pipe will enter the valve core cavity and contact with the outside world, resulting in valve core pollution and material loss.


Advantages of R-valve:

1. A pressure balance block is added on the basis of D-valve, and the pressure of the valve disc of the lower pipe is lifted up to 25bar.

2. The sealing method between the lower valve disc and the lower pipe is improved. When the valve is opened, no material will enter the valve core cavity, so it will not pollute the valve core cavity and lose materials when the valve is opened and closed. 

 mixproof valve

Disadvantages of R-type valve:

1. The cost is about 10% higher than D-type valve.

2. There is friction between the sealing ring and the contact surface when the valve acts, which causes great wear and relatively high maintenance cost. 


Advantages of type B-valve:

1. Compared with type D-valve and type R-valve, the valve disc lifting function is increased during pipeline cleaning. During pipeline cleaning, the pipeline washing liquid enters into the valve core cavity along the gap of valve disc, so as to clean the valve core cavity.

2. Two kinds of valve core cavity cleaning methods can be selected according to the needs. 


Disadvantages of type B-valve:

1. The cost is slightly higher than the former two valves.

2. The cleaning procedure is more complicated than the former two valves, but the cleaning frequency and effect are improved. 


Advantages of T-type valve: 

The valve inverts the outlet of the valve core cavity, so it can be installed upside down or horizontally, and other performances are similar to D-type valve


Disadvantages of T-valve: 

The sealing ring of the upper valve disc at the tank body and pipe is easy to be worn. 


Application of Double Seat Mixproof Valve

Valve switch: When it is closed, the upper and lower valve cores are slightly open, which has the mixproof function. When opening, the upper and lower valve cores are tightly closed and integrated, moving upward, and the upper and lower pipes are connected.


Cleaning of valve core cavity: When cleaning the upper pipeline, lift the upper valve disc, and the liquid flows into the valve core cavity from the upper pipe to clean the cavity. When cleaning the lower pipeline, the lower valve disc is pushed down, and the liquid flows into the valve core cavity from the lower pipeline to clean the cavity.


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