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Application of Double Seat Mixproof Valve in Brewery(two)

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Application of Double Seat Mixproof Valve in Brewery(two)

Although the double seat mixproof valve is used in many breweries, it has some defects. In using this kind of valve, some suggestions need to be adopted. 


Defects of Double Seat Mixproof Valve

1. When the valve is opened and closed, the whole valve core is lifted or pressed down. In this process, the external part of the valve stem will contact with the liquid in the pipeline. In another state of the valve, the valve stem is in the open state. Therefore, in the case of poor surface sanitation of the double seat valve or relatively poor surrounding environment, each opening and closing action of the valve may cause pollution to the liquid in the pipeline.


2. Valve core lifting cleaning can only be carried out when CIP cleaning is available for the upper and lower pipes. If there is frequent switch action in the process, the upper and lower pipes cannot be cleaned, and the inner chamber of the valve core becomes the dead angle of cleaning.


3. When there is an external cleaning inlet, if there is an external CIP to clean the inner cavity of the valve core separately, the problem of cleaning can be solved. However, in order to save costs, the external CIP is often the CIP for cleaning the upper and lower pipes, which may also produce a cleaning dead angle.


4. In the valve array, there are always several pipes connected with each other by means of double seat mixproof valves. When the connection between a pipeline and its farthest cross pipeline is completed, it will be connected to the nearest cross pipeline. At this time, there is residual beer in the pipeline between two exchange valves. Because there is no insulation layer in the valve array, the temperature of the beer will change, which will cause quality problems.

 Sanitary Double Seat Mixproof Valve With Intelligent Head

Summary and Suggestions

1. The double seat mixproof valve has the mixproof function and has obvious advantages in automatic control requirements and CIP self-cleaning. 


2. In order to ensure that in the process of opening and closing the double seat mixproof valve, the pollution on the surface of the valve stem will not be brought into the pipeline, the aseptic block can be added, but the investment cost is large. The aseptic block is a device to ensure the sterility of the outside of the valve stem. The lotion or steam can reach the valve switch after passing through the aseptic block, so that the outside of the valve stem can reach the aseptic state, so as to prevent the microorganism from entering the pipeline when the valve is opening and closing.


3. In CIP self-cleaning of the double seat mixproof valve, the lifting distance of upper and lower valve discs can be adjusted, and the distance depends on the effect of valve core self-cleaning. 


4. CIP cleaning and sterilization must be carried out before and after each opening and closing of the double seat mixproof valve to ensure that the valve core is in a sterile state. 


5. In order to reduce the residual beer in the valve array, a recycling tank can be installed at the farthest end of the pipeline. During each flow change operation, the beer can be recycled first to ensure that the beer in the pipeline is fresh.


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