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Closed-Loop Extraction: What’s Benefits and Disadvantages?

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Marijuana concentrates, which can be obtained by using different extraction methods, are becoming increasingly popular in the United States as a result of the legalization of marijuana in several States, including Colorado and Washington. There are many ways to extract marijuana and it has been found that the closed loop extractor systemis better than other methods until recently.

Closed Loop Method

The closed loop BHO extractor is a chemical extraction instrument for manufacturing hemp concentrate. The closed loop extraction process involves soaking the raw hemp plant in a pressurized solvent and exposed to high-pressure shock, which reduces it to resin before further processing into the desired form of hemp concentrate. These concentrates include the most active resin and butane hash oil, which can be further processed into products such as wax and chips.

Characteristics of Closed Loop Extraction System

The main feature of active closed loop extractor is to separate air from solvent in the extraction process, which is the difference between closed loop extractor system and open blast extraction system. The system includes collection tank, solvent recovery tank, scale and recovery pump. Moreover, the system can continuously check pressure operation and allow solvent recyle.


For years, people have been using closed loop extractor with recovery pump to produce perfumes, beauty products, food additives and other essential oils, but it has been found that it is safer than open blast extractor until recently. It has become a popular method of hemp extraction because it minimizes the risk of explosion and provides a safe way to use flammable solvents. In order to realize closed loop extraction, some equipments and devices are very important, including pressurized solvent tank, material column, collection chamber, vacuum pump.heater.chiller.vacuum dry oven and recovery pump.

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Advantages of Closed Loop Extraction

Four advantages of closed loop system are one of the reasons why it is more popular than open blast extraction system.


lSecurity: closed loop method is a very safe extraction method because it can minimize the risk of explosion.

lEfficiency: fully jacketed dewaxing closed loop extractors prevents any pressure loss and further builds pressure to ensure effective pumping.

lCost effectiveness: sealed closed loop system allows you to control it and prevent the escape of solvents(Buante.Propane.DME.isobutane,ethanol,etc).

lBetter quality: Passive closed loop extractor provides some of the best quality products. Due to the increased temperature and pressure balance present in the system, the pure and delicious concentrates can be produced.


Disadvantages of Closed Loop System

Although the closed loop extractor system minimizes the risk of explosion, it can only be operated outdoors or internally because the solvents used in the extraction process are highly flammable. The solvents used in the extraction system can damage plant tissue. The final product extracted usually requires additional processing to form consumer goods. In addition, a turnkey Active BHO extractor system is quite expensive and the cost of the basic equipment is about $5000.


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