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Come pare the Propane extract with Butane extract

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Solvent for cannabis extraction

Hydrocarbon extraction is often use in large production. Large amounts of material can be extracte at once. Because of the low boiling points for the solvent, they can be distilled from the extract quickly, and without using high temperatures can degrade the product. These solvents used for full plant extracts, and post-processing can yield various consistencies. This makes butane/propane extraction a preferable method.

10LB turn key closed loop extractor


Propane extract and Butane extract

BHO refers to butane hash oil, and PHO refers to propane hash oil.

You extract hemp leaves with butane, and the oil you collect is BHO. If you use propane to extract hemp leaves, the oil you get is PHO instead of BHO.

When you extract your hemp leaves, pressure differences and temperature differences play an important role. The butane gas boiling point is -1°C, so it can be easily re-condensed without the use of extreme temperatures. As for the propane gas, it’s boiling point is -42°C. The solvent temperature can be much lower without losing pressure. And low temperature helps to stop the extraction of lipids and waxes, and give a higher purity to the extract. While PHO may have a buddery consistency, BHO will be more likely to have a shatter consistency. PHO will be softer and oilier than BHO, which may be more brittle or glass-like.  

extraction final products

However, as for PHO extraction, it's almost impossible to recover the propane gas without the help of dry ice or liquefied gasses.

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