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Do You Know the Cautions of Filter?

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Do You Know the Cautions of Filter?

Sanitary filter is the necessary parts for the products or equipments like sanitary valve, pressure container, stainless steel pipeline, valve of liquid equipments. Though it is a small part, it has great function in the production of industries. Therefore, the safety problem should be paid more attention to and the cautions of the filter cannot be ignored. In this article, we will talk about some relative knowledge of the cautions from the installation to selection.


How to install the filter?


Before the Sanitary filter is installed, the room must be fully cleaned and keep neat and tidy without any dust. If there is dust in the purifying air conditioning system of room, it should be cleaned and finally meets the cleaning requirements. If the filter is installed in the technical interlayer or ceiling, the technical interlayer or suspended ceiling should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped as well. After the room and the air conditioning system meet the cleaning requirements of room, the air conditioning system should be firstly tested to work continuously for more than 12 hours, and then clean the room again before installing the Sanitary filter immediately.

 Hygienic Duplex Filter

How to consider the installation location of the filter?


When people install the filter, the location problem should be considered. Since the installation location is very important, it has the relation with the use and safety. Usually the devices with different pressures have different methods of installation. In general, low pressure devices with a pressure below 140kg / cm2, commonly it is installed only suction filter, but return filter and air filter should be installed as well. In medium and high pressure liquid devices with a pressure above 140kg / cm2, commonly the return filter is used to control the pollution concentration. However, when there are special requirements for safety, high pressure pipeline filter should be used together. For electromagnetic proportional control valve or micro flow adjusting valve etc, it should be installed a terminal filter in order to increase the reliability and safety. If using servo valve, the pollution concentration of the system should be reduced to the best, so high pressure and return filter should be used together. For the large capacity, a circulation filter should be set and a terminal filter should be installed on the auxiliary pipeline.


What points should be concerned when selecting the filter? 


Generally the filter should be considered below points when selecting it.

The filter accuracy should meet the predetermined requirements according to the use.

The sanitary filter can maintain sufficient flow capacity for a long time.

The filter cartridge has enough strength and will not be damaged by hydraulic pressure.

The filter cartridge has good corrosion resistance and can work permanently at the specified temperature and environment.

The filter cartridge is easy to clean or replace.

The sanitary filter has good quality and is produced with national standards.


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