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How many do you know about PTFE lined products?

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How many do you know about PTFE lined products?


PTFE is a material that has good chemical stability. And PTFE lining products can resistant the corrosion of almost all strong acids, strong oxidants, and various organic solvents. Besides, PTFE lining products have a good performance with high pressure and high temperature. So that we mainly use it in the processes that ask for high corrosion resistance.


PTFE lining has two types. One is the loose lining, and another is the tight lining

The loose lining products can only be used in the processes that the temperature won't change extremely and the pressure is positive. Or it's easy to cause problems such as internal collapse, bubbling, and flange cracking of the PTFE plate. As for the advantages, it's easy and fast to produce, and the cost is not much.

As for the tight lining, we treated the surface of the PTFE plate. And then use a special adhesive to bond  it to the inner surface of the steel equipment. The PTFE plate contacts the inner surface tightly. And tight-lining products can be used in the processes that the temperature and the pressure change frequently and extremely. While the surface treatment of the inner surface and the quality of the adhesive determines the stability of the lining.

Now the tight-lining product is more popular than the loose lining product and mainly used in many fields.


PTFE is an important material in chemical, petroleum, and other fields. However, the PTFE material can easily extend or contract when the temperature changes. Especially for the loose lining, it's hard to use and always causes problems. To solve this problem, we add metal net or other materials to the PTFE plate to raise its temperature resistance and deformation resistance.


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