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How to Install safety valve?

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How to Install safety valve?

Safety valves play an important protective role in the system. When the system pressure exceeds the specified value, the safety valve is opened, and a part of the gas or fluid in the system is discharged into the atmosphere, so that the system pressure does not exceed the allowable value, thereby ensuring that the system does not cause an accident due to excessive pressure. So how to properly install and maintain the safety valve

Installation points of safety valve

Pay attention to the following points when setting the safety valve:

1. When the container contains gas and liquid materials, the safety valve should be installed in the gas phase.

2. When the safety valve is used to discharge flammable liquid, the outlet of the safety valve should be connected to the accident storage tank. When the released material is high temperature combustible, its receiving container shall have corresponding protective facilities.

3. The general safety valve can be vented on site. The vent should be more than 1 meter higher than the operator and should not face the open flame location, sparking place and high temperature equipment within 15 meters. The safety valve vents of indoor equipment and containers should lead out of the roof and be more than 2 meters above the roof.

4. When there is a shut-off valve at the inlet of the safety valve, the shut-off valve should be in the normally open state and sealed to prevent errors.

hygienic safety valve for beer tank

Installation precautions for piping

1. The cross-sectional area of the through-holes of the connecting pipes and fittings between the safety valve and the boiler or pressure vessel shall not be less than the inlet cross-sectional area of the safety valve;

2. The spring-loaded safety valve adopting thread connection shall be connected with the short tube with thread, and the short tube shall be connected to the simplified and header tank by welding.

3. The safety valve must be equipped with a discharge pipe. The discharge pipe should avoid twists and turns as much as possible to minimize resistance. The discharge pipe should be directly connected to a safe place and have a sufficient cross-sectional area to ensure smooth exhaust steam.

4. When the safety valve is installed on corrosive and flammable gas equipment, anti-corrosion or anti-fire explosion measures should be taken when discharging;

5. The safety valve discharge pipe should be fixed to prevent the safety valve from generating excessive additional stress or causing vibration.

6. The safety valve installed outdoors shall be provided with reliable measures to prevent the water content of the medium in the valve from freezing when the temperature is below 0 °, which will affect the safety valve's discharge.

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