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Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valve With Pressure Gauge For Steam

Sanitary pressure reducing valve can adjust the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure and relies on the energy of the medium to automatically maintain a stable outlet pressure.
  • SS304/SS316L

How to use a Sanitary pressure reducing valve?

Step 1. Close the gate valve in front of the pressure reducing valve and open the gate valve after the pressure reducing valve to create a downstream low-pressure environment;

Step 2.Adjust the screw.Turn counterclockwise to the uppermost position (relative to the lowest outlet pressure), and then close the gate valve of the pressure reducing valve;

Step3. Littlely pen the beforehead gate valve to fully on;

Step 4. Turn the adjusting screw slowly clockwise to adjust the outlet pressure to the required pressure (based on the gauge behind the valve); and then lock it tightly.then open the gate valve after the pressure reducing valve;

Step 5. If the outlet pressure is higher than the set pressure during adjustment, you should re-adjust from the beginning

Sanitary pressure reducing valves are mostly used in food, pharmaceutical, dairy, clean room, biological engineering and other high clean areas.

Size DN15 ~ DN80(1/2 "~ 3")  
Connection ends:  Butt welded.tri clamped,threaded,flanged
Inlet Max Pressure: 145PSI/10BAR
Outlet pressure Range: 0.8 ~ 8Bar
Max  temp 165 °C

steam pressure reduce valve

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