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How to install and maintain a constant pressure valve?

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How to install and maintain a constant pressure valve?

What we should pay attention to:

Firstly, never touch the top of the constant pressure valve when the compressed air is supplying to the valve. 

Secondly, the valve and the pipelines must never be pressurized when dismantling the valve.

Thirdly, never touch the valve or the pipelines when processing hot liquids or when sterilizing.


1.Before the installation:

Ensure that the flow direction is correct.


2.When installation: 

Ensure that the connections are tight. If the constant pressure valve has a welded end, we should maintain the minimum clearance with the wall or the ground so that the valve   plug can be removed. Besides, when we are installing the valve, remember to avoid stressing the valve, vibrations, thermal expansion of the tubes, excessive welding, and overloading of the pipelines. And never weld the bottom connection as this will make it impossible to dismantle the valve.

3.After installation:

Lift and lower the valve top several times to ensure that the valve operates smoothly.


1.Before using:

There must not be vacuum in the valve. And don't forget to ensure the valve can work smoothly.

2.When using: 

Be careful, especially when the liquid is harmful to our body.

3.After using: 

Ensure that the valve is fully open to allow for maximum CIP flow. Then use clean water, which is free from chlorides.


As per the cleaning, we should avoid excessive concentration of the cleaning agent and increase the dose gradually.  And adjust the cleaning flow according to the process. For example, we should properly increase the cleaning flow when there is sterilization of milk or viscous liquids. What's more, remember to rinse well with clean water after the cleaning. 


1.Before maintenance:

Remember to disconnect the compressed air before service. And never service the valve when it is hot or the valve and pipelines under pressure.

2.When maintenance:

Disassemble the constant valve carefully and replace the O-ring and the diaphragms. Then fit them together.

3.After maintenance:

All scrap must be stored/discharged in accordance with current rules/directives.

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