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Introduction About Sunthai End Cap

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CAP005 (1)CAP009 (11)

Sunthai has two kinds of end caps. One is flat end cap, and another is dome end cap. There are no difference between these two end caps. Except that dome end cap has bigger surface than flat end cap. Usually, sight glass, ferrules, NPT ports could be welded(or tri clamped) on the end cap outer surface. While on the inner surface, there are also some different designs for our customers. 

End cap with cleaning ball

CAP008 (1)mounting spray ball on end capIMG_20190417_102309

These end cap with cleaning ball are working to seal the material column. After extracting, butane, leaves, and oils could remain on the inner surface of the column. What’s more, the column is long and thin, so that middle parts will be really difficult for cleaning. Now the cleaning ball could help you. Inject detergent into the column from the port, and the liquid could be sprayed into the column evenly. 

End cap with dip tube

dome cap with dip tube

Install this end cap with dip tube on the recovery tank. And it could help butane to run better. 

end cap with columnend cap with collection tank

When you contact this port with column, butane is running out from the tube. And if without this tube, it will take more time to make butane runs out. While, if you contact this tube with collection tank, butane gas will runs into the tank through the tube. When you contact the tank with a chiller, the butane gas will turn into butane liquid, and drop out of the tube.

End cap with extension tube

CAP006 (7)6inch cap with down tube

These are end caps with extension tube. This kind of end cap could be install on the collection tank. When you are extracting dry plants, butane liquid, oil, and some other impurities could get into the collection tank also. While FKM seals have good corrosion resistance, the oil could shorten its service life. This tube is designed to protect the seal, and makes it work longer.

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