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Make THCA Becomes THC

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What' s THCA?

THCA is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. The health benefits provided by THCA are most well absorbed by the human body. THCA works to relieve inflammation, pain. What's more, it is an ideal cannabinoid for treating symptoms of such conditions as arthritis, seizures.

THCA is an effective neuroprotectant, so it is beneficial in the treatment of such conditions as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer' s and Parkinson' s disease. It can also help to stimulate the appetite in patients suffering from cachexia and anorexia nervosa. Most impressively, research shows that THC-A helps to slow the proliferation of cancerous cells.

How THCA becomes THC?


The simplified answer is through heat and light — or the process of decarboxylation. Heat removes a carboxylic acid group from THCA, altering the THC chemical structure. This makes it the perfect shape to fit into our endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the CB1 receptors that run throughout our central nervous systems, allowing for that classic elevated experience.


As a extractor manufacturer, to help customers collect more THC oil, we supply vacuum oven, diamond miner, and vacuum pump & chamber. 

Vacuum oven could control the temperature inside the oven precisely. Put the oil in oven, and according to the main cannabis you want to get, change the temperature. And then, you could get oil with higher purity.

vacuum drying oven 

The diamond miner and vacuum pump&chamber could also help you to get oil with high purity, while their could not work as well as vacuum oven. However, diamond miner and vacuum pum&chamber are much cheaper than vacuum pump.

Diamond Miner Crystallization Chambervacuum pump vacuum chamber

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