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The Classification of Exhaust Valve

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The Classification of Exhaust Valve

The exhaust valve is used for exhausting pipes such as independent heating systems, central heating systems, heating boilers, central air conditioners, floor heating and solar heating systems. The exhaust valve is mainly divided into four categories, including heating type, micro type, fast type and compound type

Heating Type Exhaust valve

Floor heating is a system that has strict process requirements for the installation of floor heating coils and the manifold, and the connection of automatic exhaust valve fittings. When we need heating in winter, the user who turns on the floor heating first needs to exhaust, at that time, the exhaust requires an exhaust valve. The heating exhaust valve is a valve installed at the highest point of the system to release air pockets generated in the heating system and water supply pipes.

2.Micro-type Exhaust valve

Under normal circumstances, the water contains about 2 vol% of dissolved air. During the water transfer process, the air is continuously released from the water and gathers at the high point of the pipeline to form an air bag, which makes it difficult to transfer water. And due to this, the system's water delivery capacity can be reduced by about 5-15%. The main function of this micro exhaust valve is to exclude 2 vol% of dissolved air, and it is suitable for installation in high-rise buildings, factory piping, and small pumping stations to protect or improve the system's water delivery efficiency and save energy.

Single lever type micro exhaust valve is similar to an oval valve body. All internal components including floats, levers, bars, valve seats, etc. are all 304S.S stainless steel. And it is with standard exhaust aperture inside 1/16 ", which is suitable for working pressure up to PN25.

3.Quick Type Exhaust valve

Large caliber exhaust valve is used for exhausting pipes such as independent heating systems, central heating systems, heating boilers, central air-conditioning, floor heating and solar heating systems. Because water usually has a certain amount of air dissolved in it, and the solubility of air decreases with increasing temperature, the gas gradually separates from the water during the circulation process, and gradually gathers together to form large bubbles or even air columns. Because there is water supplement, gas is often generated. For this reason, the term exhaust valve has been extended, and many problems have been solved in daily life.

Sanitary Exhaust valve

4. Compound Exhaust valve

The composite exhaust valve is a barrel-shaped valve body, which mainly contains a group of stainless-steel balls, rods and plugs. The valve is installed at the pump water outlet or in the water distribution pipeline to remove a large amount of air accumulated in the pipe, or to discharge a trace amount of air collected in the higher portion of the pipeline to the atmosphere to improve the efficiency of the pipeline and the pump. When a negative pressure is generated in the pipe, the composite exhaust valve quickly sucks in the outside air to protect the pipeline from damage caused by the negative pressure.

The principle of the sewage compound exhaust valve is the same as that of the clean water compound exhaust valve, except that the structure is slightly modified, that is, the valve body is lengthened, and the lever mechanism is slightly modified, so that the dirt only accumulates in the lower part of the valve body, which does not affect the exhaust and will not cause water leakage.

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