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The Danger You Have to Know About The BHO

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It can be dangerous to extract the BHO.

turn key bho closed loop extractorDewaxing Closed Column Extractor

Actually, making BHO is a lot more dangerous than consuming BHO. Especially when done by rookies in really unsafe environments. Due to the butane gas is flammable and volatile, there is a risk of fires, burns, and violent explosions. In addition to concerns about injury and property damage, making solvent extracts is a criminal offense in some areas.

It's hard to creat a pure product.

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One of the biggest concerns with consuming butane hash oil is the risk of ingesting impurities. Even for the most well-meaning BHO producer, it's challenging to create a pure product. There are concerns about how much butane remains in the final product. BHO can be lab-tested to determine how much butane is in it (the butane is measured by PPM or parts per million). However we can't test all products. While trace amounts of butane don't pose any health risks, low-grade butane may pollute the product and bring certain risks.

It's impossible to determine the quality of BHO by its look or texture. Just because shatter is beautifully clear doesn't mean it's free of impurities. In fact, shatter often contains higher PPMs than its waxier counterparts. 

The THC content of BHO is high.


Because the THC content of BHO is so high, some worry that the use of the product creates a higher risk of addiction. In a much shorter period of time, smoking BHO allows the user to absorb a much higher percentage of THC than traditional cannabis consumption methods. Some concerns that BHO can raise the risk of tolerance as well as withdrawal symptoms down the road. Another concern is that the high THC content may let those who aren't used to hash oil might experience a negative reaction. This could include a high heart rate, dizziness and disorientation, vomiting, and extreme paranoia.

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