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What pumps are used in the milk diary production

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What pumps are used in the milk diary production ?

In the dairy processing,Sanitary pumps plays important role for the transportation of raw milk and related dairy products at different production status.

centrifugal pump with cart

Compared with ordinary water pumps, sanitary stainless steel pumps are used to transport raw milk and dairy products in the milk production line should have the following characteristics: 

1. The structure is easy to disassemble and clean, and there is no deg dead corner inside of the pump body, which must be hygienice;

2 .There are measures to prevent air inhalation to avoid large amounts foam affects the operation of the next process; 

3. The part in wetted with the dairy product is resistant to corrosion and has no adverse effect on the milk. In a milk production line, it is important to choose a suitable pump and install it in a proper location. Therefore, it involves the installation of the pump, the suction and pipeline, the pump type and size, which are determinated by flow rate,mediums viscosity,  temperature, system pressure and pump material, etc

According to the working principle, We have three types of pump

1.Impeller pump:It transports luid by rotation of the impeller. Such as centrifugal pumps, mixing pumps, axial flow pumps and turbine pumps, among which santiary centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used in milk production line.


2.Positive Displacement pumps, which use the periodic changes of the volume of the working chamber to transport liquids. They are divided into reciprocating pumps and rotary pumps. Rotary pumps are sometimes called rotor lobe pumps. Reciprocating pumps are divided into piston pumps, plunger pumps and diaphragm pumps; rotary pumps are divided into gear pumps and screw pumps. The most common in dairy farms are three plunger reciprocating pumps, screw pumps and gear pumps. 

sanitary Rotor rotary lobe pump

3.Other pumps also involve fluid power pumps and electromagnetic pumps in the milk production process. Fluid power pumps use the energy of another working fluid to deliver target fluids, such as jet pumps and water hammer pumps. The electromagnetic pump uses magnetic force to transport fluid.

The most commonly used pumps in the milk production line for are centrifugal pumps,ratary lobe pump. Centrifugal pumps are mainly used to transport milk and dairy products in low viscosity, but they cannot transport fluids with high air content. In this case, liquid ring pumps are usually selected. Sanitary lobe pumps are used to transport products that require gentle processing and high viscosity.

A variety of pumps of different specifications are often used in milk production lines. Each pump connects various equipment through pipes to form such a milk production line. The role of the pump It is equivalent to the joints of our human body. In the milk production line, the importance of the pump can be seen. Therefore, the selection of every component in the dairy production line must be very careful.

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