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What's Compression Fittings?

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What's Compression Fitting?


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A compression fitting is a kind of fitting that we use to join two tubes together. To connect two pipes made of different materials (such as a stainless steel pipe and a copper pipe) together, the fittings can be made of one or more kinds of materials. Generally, compression fittings for connecting tubes have ferrules in them. Because compression fittings can be broken and remade, while has no affection on the integrity of the joint. Compression fittings are a good choice in hydraulic, gas and for hot and cold water systems, and the media can be oil, water, gas and so on.

Working Principle:

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Generally, a compression fitting contains a body, ferrules, and nuts. The ferrule and the nut sleeve are in the joint body of the steel pipe. When we tight the nut, the ferrule is compressed between the nut and the receiving fitting, and they will connect with each other tightly and evenly.


  1. Don't need welding;

  2. It's quick and easy to use;

  3. Don't need special tools or skills to operate;

  4. Can work with higher pressure and toxic gases;

  5. A better choice in the installations that require disassembly or partial remove for maintenance and etc;

  6. Can work in the installations that cann't welded;

  7. If there is water inside the pipe which is difficult to remove, it will prevent the pipe heating up to allow welding, we can also use compression fittings.


  1. Compression fittings are not as strong as welded fittings; 

  2. Compression fittings work best when tightened once and not disturbed; 

  3. Compression of this ferrule also results in deformation of the tube;

  4. Although we can replace it easily, it is also easy to damage the ferrule;

  5. Do not over-tightening the nut. Or the excessive force can damage the integrity of the compression fitting. And the ferrule will deform improperly which causes the joint to fail.

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