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What's Sanitary Powder Tight Butterfly Valve?

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What's Sanitary Powder Tight Butterfly Valve? 


Similar to butterfly valves, it can control the flow by changing the position of the vane. 

welded butterfly valvesanitary butterfly valve for powder industry


Sanitary Powder Tight Butterfly Valve has a wide amusement in food, beer, beverage, dairy and other industries. And the material it deals with can be liquid, gas, oil, and others. 


Our sanitary powder tight butterfly valve has four parts, which are vane(disc), 2 parts of the valve body, and connection/discharge collars. 

As for the vane, there are three types:

  • Firstly, a flexible silicone-coated disc can minimize product damage during processing.

    powder tight butterfly valve with PTFE coating

  • Secondly, a stainless steel disc provides an air-tight seal in the closed position for complete containment. 

    butterfly valve for powder

  • Thirdly, a stainless steel star vane provides improved product flow and reduces buildups. 

    Rotary Valve Tablet

As for the operation, there are manual and pneumatic sanitary powder tight butterfly valve 2 types. Aluminum horizontal actuator and stainless steel vertical pneumatic actuator are available.

santiary 3 pc ball valve with ss actuatorActuator Butterfly Valves


  • Our sanitary powder tight butterfly valve uses a PTFE seal which has a high performance in resisting corrosive materials. 

  • The valve does not require professional tools. Because of the simple structure, it can be easily disassembled and breakdown. And also easy for cleaning and maintenance.

  • You can operate it with smaller torque than other butterfly valves. Besides, it's sensitive, safe, reliable, and simple to operate.

  • The zero dead leg design can prevent the material from pollution.

  • The powder tight butterfly valve has other characteristics that standard butterfly valve does not have, such as seal open/close does not produce excessive friction, no seal powder shedding, ultra-short valve body, and adjustable pressure. 

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