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What’s Self-priming Pump?

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What’s Self-priming Pump?

The self-priming pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, and strong self-priming ability. There is no need to install a bottom valve in the pipeline, just make sure that the pump body has a fixed amount of priming before working. Different liquids can use self-priming pumps of different materials.


The working principle of the self-priming pump is to fill the pump casing with water (or the pump itself contains water) before starting the pump. After starting, the impeller rotates at high speed to make the water in the impeller channel flow to the volute. At this time, the inlet forms a vacuum, so that the water inlet check door opens, the air in the suction pipe enters the pump, and reaches the outer edge through the impeller channel.


Structure type of self-priming pump


There are many types of sanitary self-priming pump, including molten salt pumps, vacuum pumps, submerged pumps, metering pumps, gear pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps, acid-resistant pumps, and fire pumps that flow in the direction of rotation. Then it merges with the water from the right return hole and flows along the volute.


Because the liquid continuously hits the cascade in the volute and is crushed by the impeller, it is vigorously stirred and mixed with the air to form a gas-water mixture, and it continuously flows so that the gas and water cannot be separated. The mixture was stripped by the tongue at the outlet of the volute and entered the separation chamber along the short tube. The air in the separation chamber is separated and discharged by the outlet pipe, and the water still flows to the outer edge of the impeller through the left and right return water holes, and is mixed with the air in the suction pipe. This repeated circulation gradually exhausts the air in the suction pipe, so that the water enters the pump and completes the self-priming process.


When the internal mixing self-priming pump is started, the return valve at the front and bottom of the impeller must be opened to return the liquid in the pump to the inlet of the impeller. Under the action of high-speed rotation of the impeller, the water is mixed with the air from the suction pipe to form a gas-water mixture and discharged to the separation chamber. Here the air is discharged and the water returns from the return valve to the impeller inlet. This is repeated until the air is exhausted, and the internal mixing type self-priming pump sucks water, and the working principle is the same as the external mixing self-priming.


Common types of self-priming pumps


ZW self-priming pump is an energy-saving pump product developed after absorption, digestion and improvement according to relevant domestic and foreign technical data. The pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, long life, and strong self-priming ability. There is no need to install a bottom valve in the pipeline, and only need to keep a fixed amount of priming liquid stored in the pump body before work, so the pipeline system is simplified to improve working conditions.

 single stage vacuum pump

The main purpose of ZW type self-priming pump:


1. Equipped with a rocker-type sprinkler, it can also spray the water into the air and spray into small raindrops. It is a good machine for farms, nurseries, orchards and tea gardens.


2. It is suitable for clean water, sea water, chemical medium liquid with acid and alkalinity and slurry with general paste (medium viscosity ≤100 centipoise, solid content up to 30%).


3. It can be used with any type and specification of filter press, and is the most suitable pump for feeding slurry to the filter press.

Self-priming non-clogging sewage pump is a new type of pump that combines self-priming and sewage. It is developed based on the structure and performance of ZX self-priming centrifugal pump and QW submersible sewage pump, drawing on the advantages of similar foreign products. It can not only need to install a bottom valve, no irrigation and diversion, like ordinary self-priming pumps, but also can suck dirt, sediment, sediment containing Waste mineral impurities, manure treatment, and all engineering sewage and colloidal liquids completely reduce the labor intensity of manpower. Moreover, it is easy to install and use, with little maintenance, its performance reaches the international advanced level, and it has a broad application market and development prospects.


The product features of the pump


1. Strong sewage discharge ability. The special anti-blocking design of the impeller ensures that the pump is efficient and non-blocking.


2. High efficiency and energy saving. Using an excellent hydraulic model, the efficiency is 3 to 5% higher than the general self-priming pump.


3. Good self-priming performance. The self-priming height is 1 meter higher than the general self-priming pump, and the self-priming time is shorter.


The product uses of the pump


ZW self-priming non-clogging sewage pump is suitable for industries such as chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, papermaking, fiber, pulp, textile, food, power plant and municipal sewage project, public facility sewage, river pond breeding and so on.


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