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What's Stainless Steel Bellow?

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 Stainless steel bellow hoses usually use 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel as raw materials. Our stainless steel bellow hose is mainly make out of 304-grade stainless steel which can allow the bellow hose to abtain a high vacuum with a large flow diameter for vapors. 

Besides, our bellow hoses have soft and hard two main types. Comparing with hard type, soft type is easier for bending and compression. But the most obvious difference for the two types is the thickness. As for the KF25(NW25) bellow hose, the wall thickness for the soft type is 0.15mm, but the wall thickness for a hard type can be 0.2mm. 

As a manufacturer with 8 years of experience, to provide a higher quality, our flange and fittings are forge. And there is no oxide passivation films cover during the welding process. Tests will be done after the production is finish.

Bellow Couplings


Stainless steel bellow hose mainly has three parts which are corrugate pipe, mesh sleeve and joint. 

The corrugate pipe is the body of the bellow hose, which plays the role of flexibility. The net sleeve plays the role of strengthening and shielding. And the joint can be weld end, clamp end, and others. 

Different stainless steel bellow hoses have different connection methods during use. If the three parts are connected by welding, called welding. If the three parts are mechanically clamped, called mechanically clamping. In addition, there is a combination of the two methods, called hybrid. Just like the picture below, our bellows are welding, and the joints are suitable for vacuum connection.

Bellow flange


The bellow hoses have good softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, tensile resistance, water resistance, and can provide a certain shielding effect. So that it is a good choice to protect precision optical rulers, protection of sensor lines and electrical wiring of automatic instrument signals.

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