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KF (QF) Conical Reducer Nipples

Stainless Steel Reducer Conical KF-25 to KF-40 Vacuum Fittings, ISO-KF Flange Size NW-25 to NW-40
  • SS304/SS316L

· Stainless Steel Vacuum Adapter Fast connect/disconnect, KF/NW Conical Reducer

· Reducers are typically used to transition between flange sizes of the same variety and may be zero length or non-zero length. Adapters provide a method to join two different styles of seal.

·End to end length 40 mm. Reasonable priced optional vacuum parts

· This brand new Reducer Straight is made from high quality stainless steel. Very strong and clean machining work.

KF fittings are ideal for high vacuum environments (10-8 torr). KF Components, KF Fittings and KF Adapters are available in a variety of configurations.

Material Stainless steel
Size  KF10 KF16 KF25 KF40 KF50
Flange sizes  NW-10, NW-16, NW-25, NW-40, and NW-50
Type Equal tee,reducing tee

Sunthai supply vairous of vacuum pipe fittings follow norms in KF, CF and ISO, including clamp, centering ring, vacuum flange, vacuum ferrule, vacuum blank, reducer, elbow, tee, cross, bellow hose, hose barb, KF adapters.  

Materials can be Aluminum and stainless steel

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