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What’s Stainless Steel Tank?

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Tanks are used to store acids, alkalis, alcohols, gases, liquids, and other refined chemicals. According to different materials, there are polyethylene storage tank, polypropylene storage tank, glass steel storage tank, ceramic storage tank, rubber storage tank, stainless steel storage tank, etc. Stainless steel storage tanks of all sizes are always inseparable in our economic life. The important role played by stainless steel tanks in the development of the national economy is irreplaceable.


Purpose of storage tank

A storage tank is a storage container for medium transported by long-distance oil and gas pipelines. storage tank needs corresponding equipment to protect it; manhole cover is a safety device for protecting the storage tank, and is especially suitable for the vaulted atmospheric pressure tank with the nitrogen storage capped material. The oil storage tank at the first station of the oil pipeline is used to collect and store oil and ensure the stability of the pipeline oil delivery. The oil storage tank at the last station is used to receive and store incoming oil and provide it to the oil-using unit. The gas storage tank at the end gate station of the gas pipeline is mainly used for peak shaving of urban gas, which is gradually being replaced by underground gas storage and pipeline gas storage.


Classification of storage tanks

1. Classification according to form: It can be divided into vertical stainless steel tank and horizontal stainless steel tank.


2. Classification according to usage: It can be divided into wine-making stainless steel tanks, food stainless steel tanks, pharmaceutical stainless steel tanks, dairy stainless steel tanks, chemical stainless steel tanks, petroleum stainless steel tanks, building materials stainless steel tanks, electric power stainless steel tanks and metallurgy stainless steel tank.


3. Classification according to hygiene standards: It can be divided into sanitary stainless steel tanks and ordinary stainless steel tanks.


4. Classification according to pressure requirements: It can be divided into stainless steel pressurized vessels and stainless steel non pressure vessels.


Characteristics of stainless steel storage tank

1. Stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance, it is not corroded by the residual chlorine in the outside air and water. Each spherical tank undergoes super-strong pressure testing and inspection before leaving the factory, and its service life can reach more than 100 years under normal pressure.


2. The stainless steel tank has good sealing. The sealed design completely prevents the harmful substances and mosquitoes in the airborne dust from invading the tank, ensuring that the water quality is not polluted by the outside world and breeding red worms.


3. The scientific water flow design prevents the sediment at the bottom of the tank from turning up due to the water flow, which ensurs the natural stratification of domestic water and fire water, and the turbidity of the domestic water coming out of the tank is reduced by 48.5%. It is conducive to improving the performance of domestic water use and firefighting water facilities.


4. The stainless steel tank does not need to be cleaned frequently. The sediment in the water can be discharged by periodically opening the sanitary tank bottom valve at the bottom of the tank. Simple equipment can be used to remove the scale once every 3 years, which greatly reduces the cleaning cost and completely avoids human bacterial virus infection.


We briefly introduced what a storage tank is by purpose of usage, classification, and characteristics. All in all, the role of storage tanks is irreplaceable in this era of industrialization, and will play an increasingly important role in the energy field, household life, industrial production, etc.

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