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What’s Storage Tank?

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1. Introduction Of The Storage Tank

Steel storage tanks are steel sealed containers for storing liquids or gases. Steel storage tanks are an indispensable and important infrastructure for industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, grain and oil, food, fire protection, transportation, metallurgy, and national defense. The importance of steel storage tanks in the development of the national economy is irreplaceable. With the development of the storage tank industry, more and more industries and enterprises have used storage tanks, and more and more enterprises have entered the storage tank industry.

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2. The Role Of The Storage Tank

Stainless steel storage tanks are made of SS304 or SS316. Stainless steel storage tanks have strong corrosion resistance and are not easily corroded by external factors. Compared with ordinary plastic storage tanks, it can withstand higher pressure and is safer. The wall thickness of the tank is designed according to different customer needs and pressure ranges.

Generally, there are atmospheric pressure vessel, vacuum tank, heating jacketed tank. At the same time, our stainless steel storage tank has a very significant feature. The tank body has excellent sealing performance and eliminates harmful air. The intrusion of substances and mosquitoes ensures that the liquid stored in the tank will not be contaminated by the outside world, will not breed red insects, and it is easy to clean and meet sanitary level. Secondly, there is no need to clean the stainless steel storage tank regularly. The impurities in the water can only be discharged easily by periodically opening the water valve at the bottom of the tank. Regular use of equipment to remove drains can not only reduce cleaning costs, but also reduce viruses and bacteria to a certain extent.

Therefore, most of the applications of stainless steel storage tanks are in the food processing industry, which is why we often see stainless steel storage tanks in dairy plants and wineries, and stainless steel storage tanks in pharmaceutical factories


3. The Production Processing Of The Storage Tank

The production of stainless steel storage tank equipment pays attention to both practicality and beauty. Therefore, the difficult processing of raw material stainless steel is emphasized in the production process of stainless steel container equipment. When stainless steel is constructed, the general steps and processes are: material shot blasting-painting part of the coating-welding, production, installation, pressure test-reprocessing-painting subsequent paint.

For the cleaning of the tank surface, the surface pretreatment of the material is carried out, and then the primer is sprayed. After the construction of the tank is completed, the surface of the tank weld bead is cleaned, and the primer is applied. The entire tank is sprayed with intermediate paint and top paint.

The machining hardness of stainless steel during machining makes the tool wear faster and it is difficult to remove chips. The low thermal conductivity of stainless steel causes plastic deformation of the cutting edge and faster tool wear. The chemical relationship between the tool and the material to be processed causes work hardening and low thermal conductivity of the material to be processed, which not only easily causes unusual wear, but also causes tool chipping and abnormal rupture. When processing stainless steel container equipment, the built-up edge can easily cause small pieces of micro powder to stay on the cutting pin edge and cause poor processing surfaces.

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